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That Is Your Destiny...

When it comes to sex, most people get caught up in their heads worrying if people are pretending, if they're REALLY pleasing their parther, asking themselves "Is this all there is?" and wondering if they'll ever figure "this whole sex-thing" out... 

And because they’re either too dissatisfied, too confused, and too embarrassed… They wonder if it’s worth the hassle.

And many of them live quiet lives, growning more and more desperate, never daring to step out or step up, and give themselves permission to examine (and claim) how to feel comfortable, expressed, and accomplished at sex and intimacy.

It's not their fault... It's not YOUR fault.

Our society keeps healthy, vibrant sexuality just out of reach by discouraging our innate curiosity and wonder by telling us -in all kinds of disempowering ways- that if we were a "REAL" woman or man (who was truly in love), we'd KNOW how to do these things. We're taught to be ashamed of, afraid of, and hide something that's incredibly core to who we are, and never discuss it above a whisper.

There is freedom -and empowerment- in learning to reclaim your sexuality.

The truth is, humans don't instinctively know how to be amazing lovers. And, with all the shame, blame, and misinformation in our daily lives, it's almost impossible to experience the true depth of pleasure our bodies and spirits are capable of... Unless we are shown how.

If you've ever asked yourself...

  • Am I normal in the sex department?
  • Am I really (really, truly) good in bed (and how can I be better)?
  • Am I broken when it comes to sex and relationships?
  • Is my partner faking it?
  • How can I get my partner to rock my world and fill it with erotic surprises?

I get it. I've worked with thousands of individuals and couples to help them reconnect, become less self-conscious about sex, and deepen their passion. And I remember the struggle I felt, the frustrations I swallowed while trying to piece through all the information (or lack of it) out there... Getting a tiny bit here, a glimmer of understanding there... Dredging through the misinformation, misdirection, and downright incorrect data, wondering how people ever figured this out!

And all the while, I felt totally insecure, embarrassed, and incompetent in bed.

However, I was really lucky, blessed in fact. I stumbled on some truly amazing people who didn't suffer from the sexual hangups I inherited while growing up in New Hampshire, and they joyfully guided me forward, compassionately explained what I didn't know, and -without judgement or shame- revealed to me the real deal of how sex works. Not just how to touch person A on hot-spot H, but how to "think in pleasure," how to listen to a lover's body (even a new lover!), how to engage your erotic mind to turbo-charge sex, and how to connect sexually in deep, passionate ways that curled toes, had people shouting out my name, and left everyone involved delighted, happily sweaty, and replete...

Slowly, I began to feel more confident in bed. Slowly, I felt like I belonged in my body and that my body belonged to me. No longer was I paralyzed with shame and insecurities, or "trapped in my head," over-thinking things during sex. I could feel more pleasure, and help my lovers feel more. I began to get a regular taste of what I'd suspected was "great sex," and I was able to find my way back to those blissful places over and over again.   

But little did I know that this was just my "undergrad" tutelage. My journey was just beginning... I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

If you've ever wished you could...

  • Have your lovers complimenting your prowess...
  • Feel more at ease, confident, and satisfied in bed...
  • Unlock a loved one's passion, presence, and desire with your own body...
  • Rock your own world by teaching your lovers how to rock yours...

It's True! Learning how to engage sexually at a deeper level, not just "by the book" Cosmo Magazine techniques but because you understand and can "hear" how bodies connect and feel pleasure, will boost your sexual self-confidence, raise your self-esteem, and make you more confident and competent in sex... In love... AND IN LIFE!

Being THAT kind of person is attractive in AND out of the bedroom! If you worry about sex and want to enjoy it more (or if you think your loved ones do), then you're in the right place...

If you're life's journey has been anything like mine, I know what it's like to fumble in the dark, underneath the covers with someone I care about... I've been so nervous and racked with insecurities and indecision during sex that I couldn't enjoy the sex and intimacy I was having... And worse, at times I became so awkward and "in my head" that my lover's sensed that something was wrong and called me on it.

Sometimes, we didn't even get to that, because I was SO awkward that I scared people away -people who wanted to sleep with or date me- before we even had a chance to climb into bed.

My Ineptitude and Self-consciousness Was Keeping
All Parties From Enjoying The Great Sex and
Deep Intimacy We So Desperately Longed For.

Sound familiar?

If it does, you're in luck because I've got great news for you... Now, decades and ten thousand hours of research later, I'm here to tell you with confidence: YOU CAN PUT AN END TO THE UNCERTAINTY, EMBARRASSMENT, AND CONFUSION IN WAY LESS TIME THAN IT TOOK ME.

I'm living proof that you can go from a hyper-aware, self-critical, painfully awkward and clumsy person to being self-assured, adept, and masterful with your
own body and the bodies of others.

I told you I would tell you more...

Like me, you probably learned your relationship skills and attitudes about sex from your parents and the adults around you. And they learned them from their parents, and so on... The problem that's actually plaguing us is that most people's attitudes and beliefs about sex (which influences how and what we learn about sex) are from the 1400s, not 2015! Let's face it, Culture loves telling us that sex is dangerous, shameful, sinful... And that enjoying sex is even worse! 

How does anyone learn how to be great at sex when all of Culture is against it?!

Three generations ago, couples stayed together no matter how bad the sex was. No one spoke openly about sexual pleasure or of the psychological and health benefits of being good at sex. Things like lube, sex toys, the best sex positions for different body types, or neat things we can do with our body weight to help create bigger orgasms... These were things that we never spoken of. And much hasn't changed today.

Back then, if you married or dated a good person, no matter how bad the sex was, you were lucky and you never left them. If they loved you and you loved them, that was the best you could hope for (because no one dared talk frankly about sexual satisfaction). Back then, you had to stay in a relationship, and all you could do was learn to endure the bad sex longer. Older generations became masterful at enduring pain and frustration, and most relegated sex to procreation or "matrimonial obligations." The way you showed "you cared" was by enduring hell and never talking about what was really going on.

Which, logically lead to the obvious, most simple solution:

Stop having sex altogether and let's just enjoy one another as best friends. 
(And hope that no one has an affair that destroys the marriage.) 

Perhaps you know couples like this? Or grew up in a family where this was the strategy? Or, maybe you've even had a relationship where this was the only option to stay together... Don't worry. You're not alone.

After watching my parents' relationship deteriorate despite how much they loved each other, and after experiencing my own struggles in love and in bed, I'm here as proof that there's a better option that doesn't have to hurt the ones you love, that, in fact, can lift everyone up beyond what we grew up believing was achievable!

You do not have to be doomed to a sexless life, or a life of bad (or even mediocre) sex!

And I'm here to help!

It was because of my earlier blessings at finding sexually empowered people, and all the understanding I'd gained from the adventures we shared that I began to become more confident, less shut down, and was inquisitive and less ashamed about sex.

My natural curiosity reemerged, and I became thirsty for sexual knowledge, hungry for what else I didn't know that I didn't know!

My "Sex Geek Switch" Had Been Thrown Open But I Didn't Know It Yet...

I started studying, reading, researching, and testing all the ideas and skills I was discovering on myself and on my lovers who were a yes. I was determined to figure out as many ways to be better lover and of pleasuring those I cared about! I was determined to avoid getting sucked into the fear, hesitation, and silence I saw my parents and other get mired in. 

And that's when I realized it! It was the silence.

The silence was the most common denominator, the glue that held everything disempowering in place. It was how Culture taught us NOT to talk about sex openly, or even look for answers, that had held me back, held my parents back... It was because my early lovers talked openly about what they liked and didn't like that set me free to discover amazing sex. 

So I decided to talk as much as I could about sex. When appropriate, of course. :)

During this time, I was bartending to help pay for college and, after college, to pay rent while I tried my hand at acting. As a bartender, no one found it weird that I asked them about their love lives, and so I talked to people incessantly about the sex they liked, the sex they didn't, and what the difference was. 

During those often deep and revealing conversations (people will often tell bartenders and hairdressers more than they'll tell their therapists!), people would ask me my opinion on their situations. And because I was keenly aware of how much pain and frustration I -and my lovers- could have avoided had someone had these frank conversations with me when I was younger... When people asked me my opinion on their situation, I generously shared every bit of knowledge I thought might help them.

And because of the generosity and curiosity of those strangers being vulnerable and asking me for my thoughts, I suddenly found myself in "grad school," learning what people needed most to learn, and how best to share my knowledge.

I got better and more concise at sharing my insights and advice, and my geeky passion grew. I got clear on how much I was nourished by helping people shorten their learning curves and not have to "reinvent the wheel." It became clear to me that people didn't have to experience or try everything I did to make tremendous gains in their love lives!

I could be the shortcut for them!
And I was getting tremendous positive feedback from those I spoke with...

Because of all the frank -often humorous- conversations, I had become a more open, forthcoming, and exciting human being. Because I felt less afraid and ashamed of sex, people felt safe around me to talk about the sex they wanted to have, the sex they wished they could have

This was true for my lovers as well. Because they felt more comfortable, they asked for what they really wanted (and I did, too!), and regardless of whether we ever did any of it, we felt closer, more connected, and whatever sex we did end up having became hotter, better sex! 

I lived to connect and share with people -when appropriate- what I was learning about was how great sex actually happens. And all the hope and joy that was flooding my self-esteem, and all the "comfortability" that I had around one of the most fraught topics of our time... This had the strangers at the bar that I'd previously spoken with sending me their friends to seek my advice... And my friends began asking me for bedroom tips and tricks and ideas.

Having relationship troubles in the bedroom? All you had to do was mention that and it was impossible for me to not share the top 3 or 5 things I had learned about sex that month.

Afraid that your partner was faking orgasm? If I even heard the phrase, "fake orgasm," from across a crowded room, I would get tingly with excitement and ask you if I could to tell you about the technique I call the "Inverted Vulcan" that you can use to stimulate your partner's clitoral legs, or how the "Flying Squirrel" will make your man tremble with pleasure.

I would share whatever I knew with whomever asked. And because of it, my friends' and customers' love lives began to improve. People were getting laid - and laid well! It was thrilling to see what had worked for me, work for others, even people I'd only met once. 

Sex Shifted From Being Something One Avoided & Tolerated, 
To Som
ething You Co-Created with Playful
Joy and Enthusiasm  

Eventually, my friends and colleagues would encouraged me to "go pro" and share all of the amazing information on sex and intimacy I'd amassed. At first, I suffered a resurgence of shyness and "went pro" by creating an communication workshop about non-sexual touch and intimacy called Cuddle Party, which exploded in the media, getting me on Montel, the Tyra Banks show, and covered by People Magazine and
The Washington Post

The communication skill sets that allow you to unsilence yourself and create amazing, connected, non-sexual touch are THE SAME SKILLS it takes to create ecstatic sex and deep, intimate, erotic pleasure. Great sex = great communication + accurate skill sets + curiosity (and some practice). And I realized that my longing to talk openly about sex and sexual skill sets was really my calling. 

I wanted to share with the world my excitement and knowledge about great sex.

And that is when "America's Favorite Sex Geek" was born...

I was lucky to be able to harness my "inner sex geek" and make the last three decades of my life all about exploring sex, bodies, relationships, and sexuality. AND -just as important in this whole equation- I've spent the last 10 years teaching people just like you (and discovering and honing along the way as I did) THE BEST WAYS for YOU to up your sexual skill sets, approaches and abilities... And by "best," I mean the most powerful, elegant, and "life-changingly" efficient ways.

Oh! And I also figured out how to not only MAKE IT EASY, I figured out how to make it FUN! 

Over the last decade, I've been geeking out hard! Those conversations that stated in the bar? By conservative estimations, I've had over 150,000 of them by now, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Since that first Cuddle Party in New York City in 2004, I've taught or given over 1000 workshops or lectures to over 50,000 men and women just like you. The topics? Everything from PG-13 rated subjects like how to be more romantic, or how to use your entire body to a better kisser, to things that would certainly make our grandparents blush.

I've even had TV and film producers seek me out for my geeky expertise, like the NETFLIX producers who told comedian and talkshow host Chelsea Handler to drop in on one of my workshops to get advice and help make sense of sex, relationships, and making marriages last! 

I've tested, refined, and honed the skills and approaches, I've had the pleasure of hanging out with and swapping "sex kung-fu" with my sex ed heroes, and I've learned how to explain what I know in ways that help people learn them quickly and easily, not just in their heads, but in their bodies. 

Today, you get to take advantage of my hard work!

The Anxiety and Embarrassment Was Never Your Fault. And It Doesn't Have To Be Your Fate!


Yep. I've used my geeky "super-powers" to help tens of thousands of men and women shorten their learning curves by years and years and unlock their own sexual self-confidence, and even teach their loved ones how to be more confident in the bedroom and in their relationships. There is no need for you to take 30 years like I did to reinvent my wheel to get good at sex when I can just give it all to you in waaaaaay less time! I think YOU owe it to yourself to unlock your bedroom confidence and competence. Why? Because it makes the World a better place to live, right! And you becoming great at sex... IT'S ACTUALLY EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

In fact, we can get quantum leaps accomplished in just 6-weeks, in a little as 10-minutes a day... It might sound impossible, but it's not when a Sex Geek's super power is shortening people's learning curves around great sex. 

You’re 1-Click Away From Improving Your Sexual Skills 10-Fold! And You Deserve It!


My name is Reid Mihalko, and I've been called "America's favorite sex geek," and also "The Tom Hanks of sex education," and I want to invite you to join me for 6 weeks of humorous and informative, PG-13, learning all of my best sex geekery in my premier sexual self-confidence course, Sex10x Online!

Let me help you unleash your Inner Sex Geek...

In this 6-week, no nudity, interactive course filled with hilariously "edutaining" videos, frank and informative downloadable audio podcasts, transcripts, workbooks and adventures, you will learn:

  • Powerful Perspectives that will help you understand pleasure and orgasm, so that you can give and receive both!
  • Tips that will give you oral sex super powers! And help you teach your lovers how to unlock theirs on YOU!
  • How to use fantasy to turbo-charge a lover's orgasm...
  • The BIG differences between penises and vulvas, and 1 thing that's the same that will make you 10-times better in bed...
  • How to listen to your partner's body in bed, when making out, when giving and receiving sensual massages...
  • How to lessen the shame and silence that disempowers us in bed, and how to tap into and unleash our natural enjoyment and self-expression as a sexual being so that you can claim the fun and pleasure that is your birthright...
  • 3 ways to use your hands sexually that will drive your partner wild AND leave you feeling more confident as a lover!
  • What sex toys to use and when for creating massive pleasure on women AND men...
  • How to create your own "sexual positions decoder ring" so you naturally "think" about lovemaking in an exciting, Kama Sutra way!
  • And more!

Sex10x Online is designed for all genders, for the shy and the extroverted, for straight/gay/bi/poly/kinky/vanilla/woo-woo/skeptics, couples and singles, beginners and advanced Sex Geeks...  All you have to do is be Over 18, and you're one click away from learning all the best moves, tips, and tricks from THE Sex Geek himself!

But this isn't for everyone. Really. Please make sure this course is the right choice for you:

  • This isn't for the faint of heart.
  • This isn't for people who want to bury their heads in the sand, and run beneath the radar.
  • This isn't for those who want to repeat the "good enough," "same ole same ole," status quo bedroom "lives of silent desperation" that our parents or grandparents probably lived.
  • This isn't for people who hate to laugh and giggle.  
  • This isn't for those who're committed to keeping playfulness and pleasure out of the bedroom.
  • And this isn't for those who aren't willing to step up and start taking action.

If you're ready to step up and experience a new level of connection and confidence, wonderful! I'll meet you on the other side, and gleefully show you what's possible in the realms of sex and pleasure!

The skills and geekery I will reveal to you in Sex10x Online are beautifully designed to help you forgive yourself and see that you were never sexually broken or abnormal, but that we are all beautiful, powerful, sexual beings. In 6 weeks, I will teach you how to reverse a lifetime of bad bedroom habits and culturally disempowering beliefs so that you can transform the shame, frustration, anger, and loneliness into powerful presence, confidence, and ecstatic pleasure. It will still take a little focus and practice, here's the GREAT NEWS: The skills I teach aren't hard... They just aren't obvious.

  • Imagine pulling in the driveway after work and grabbing the mail with a spring in your step, knowing you’ll be seeing the warm, smiling, willing face of someone who knows that YOU KNOW how to rock their world in bed...
  • What would it be like to snuggle up to your partner and be able to easily share a new fantasy, something you want to possibly explore, and have them make you feel seen and safe, and maybe even add something unexpected to your suggestion that kicks it up a notch? 
  • How would it feel if you could release the shame, anxiety, and insecurities you've had your whole life around sex, and begin claiming and creating the love life you've always longed for?
  • What would it feel like to just simply know you're good in bed?

These skills and new levels of confidence aren't just for the bedroom. They can have positive impacts on the rest of your life, too:

  • Your Parenting... Imagine your kids growing up to have healthy, thriving intimate relationships all because your fearlessness and groundedness around sexuality and intimacy made it impossible for them to inherit the toxic shame and deadly inability to speak up about sex in healthy ways.
  • Your Career... Let the confidence and healthy swagger you have about your newfound sexual prowess spill over into feeling more confident at work... Let the pep in your step and the gleam in your eyes from having an wonderfully expressed sex life leave your co-workers longing to know how you do it!
  • Your Friends... Be a role model for your friends that they too get to create a love life that nourishes and thrills them, and enjoy answering their questions with the quiet, self-assuredness and wisdom of having tapped into your own sex geekiness!
  • Your Love Relationships and even Dating... Being able to talk unabashedly about your wants needs and desires around sex will help your loved ones or dates look at you with respect and admiration at how courageous you are... Not only that, they might take your lead and speak up about what they want, too, so you can finally stop having to be a mind-reader! 

This is all possible for YOU. In fact, it's only 1-Click out of reach...

Feeling More Sexually Confident And Rocking Your Lover's World: PRICELESS.

Because people are starving for powerful, easy to implement sex education, and because folks love the way I weave humor and laughter into how I teach, I've been blessed to be in high demand, and the demand continues to grow.

Remember: People have trouble booking my 3-day VIP Coaching Sessions, which currently start at $5000-$7500 for the 3 Days. Why? I'm just that busy. 

 Consider that your run of the mill couples counseling package generally STARTS at $1200 (and isn't covered by most insurance plans!). Consider that the average divorce costs $15,000... And can you really put a price tag on how much 5 to 15 years of bad sex costs you? How about 20 years? 40 years of missed opportunities to look back on...

  • How about the cost to your health because you don't have a way to "blow off steam" and flood your immune and nervous system with all those healthy, stress-relieving, post-orgasm, feel-good hormones?
  • What's the cost of watching your children grow up suffering from fear and being unable to talk about sex with their intimate partners? Or seeing your grandkids inherit all the bad habits you could have put an end to?
  • What's the cost of one more day of devastating shame when, instead, you could be enjoying the expansive pleasure that is your birthright? 

I’m honestly sick of seeing people suffering and struggling around their sex lives when so much progress is possible towards YOU manifesting a lifetime of sexual pleasure, ease, and playful creativity...

That's why I've harnessed everything I know about sex and teaching sex and created something special that ensures you get the best that my brain and experience have to offer in the most powerful way for you to integrate it... And I've taken what I know about business and online courses to make it unbelievably easy to succeed at transforming your sex life forever!

The Cost of 24/7/365 Lifetime Access to Sex10x Online's 6-Week Program is: ONLY $497, or 3 easy, automatic, monthly payments of $177.

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  • Which Sex Toy When Guide: Not sure which sex toy to use? Confused on how to use them best? I'm going to teach you (and your lovers!) how to “think in sex toys,” so you can feel confident and never have to worry again about which toy to use and when! Get my best tips and hacks on how to masterfully augment and enhance the sex you have with toys. Included with this guide: My "you can only get it thru Sex10x"... Reid's Top 10 Favorite Sex Toys Everyone Should Have In Their Night Stand checklist! (Value: $97 - but since you can ONLY get it thru Sex10x: Priceless!)
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So, all totalled together... You receive
$1876 worth of unbelievable training (for YOU and a Love One) for JUST $497!

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Reid knows how valuable your time, focus, and courage are! If you chose to dive deeper with Reid and take advantage of the Bonus Upgrade Opportunities below... Reid promises not to waste your time and is prepared to back it up!


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That’s how much Reid believes in YOU and what he wants to share!

Perhaps your asking yourself...

"But, Reid, What If I Want To Go Deeper?..."

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For Those Who Want To Go Deeper In Your Mastery... As with many of my other online offerings, there's always a few extraodinary people who already know they want to commit to "what's next" so they have it "locked in" for after they're done with the course.

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      • Dates and Location: May 13th and 14th, 2017 • Woodside CA - details upon registration
      • What exactly is a Show-N-Tell Sex Ed Retreat?
      • From Reid: "Human beings learn physical skills best in-person. (Tiger Woods didn’t become the world’s best golfer from reading a book! And great sex is waaaaaay better than golf, am I right?!) Show-N-Tell Sex Ed is a phrase I popularized, and it’s one of THE most powerful (and fastest) ways to make huge leaps in your sexual mastery. A Show-N-Tell Sex Ed Retreat is where fellow sex educators and myself demonstrate for you actual sexual techniques from PG-13 to explicit while you watch and ask whatever questions you'd like. Many questions will get answered in real time during the demonstrations so we can actually show you the answer. After demonstrations, attendees are invited to practice what they're learning in private either solo or with their loved one as their "homework practice." After practice time, there is often more Q&A and processing time. Oh, and there are meal breaks and hot tub breaks, too! 
      • When Show-N-Tell Sex Ed is taught tastefully with humor and empathy, people can move through decades of shame, guilt, fear and pain in just a few days. For this reason, Show-N-Tell Sex Ed is powerfully healing, but it’s difficult to find teachers to do this kind of work with, unless you know one. And know that you know Reid! And since you will soon complete Sex10x's online course work, we invite you to take us up on this unprecedented opportunity to catapult your sexual prowess light years ahead of where you currently are!
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